ACS Says, AI Offers Surgical Benefits for Healthcare Organizations

Karim Sarhane MD
Dr. Karim Sarhane

A physician for more than 12 years, Karim Sarhane, MD, is a General and Advanced Laparoscopy at the Burjeel Royal Hospital in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. In addition to his role as a surgeon, Dr. Karim Sarhane is a fellow with the American College of Surgeons (ACS). The organization seeks to improve the quality of surgical care. A June 2023 ACS press release reported that AI has positive outcomes for surgical care. Using algorithms as a part of AI will allow healthcare organizations to manage a vast amount of data. More significantly, the article mentioned the different ways that AI, and the algorithms used with it, will make surgery and healthcare organizations run more efficiently. The technology can help surgeons to estimate how long it’ll take to complete procedures. It also will allow them to organize hospital bed availability better. Also, AI’s ability to integrate information will enhance surgical decision-making because the information is in one place, whether on the operating table or at the patient’s bedside. The latest surgical guidelines, research insights, and the patient’s charts are all within reach. Finally, chatbots can assist patients who have questions after surgery. This particular tool allows healthcare organizations to use nurses more productively.

Karim Sarhane, MD

Karim Sarhane

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