karim sarhane

Treating An Acute Case of Phytophotodermatitis

karim sarhane
Dr. Karim

Dr. Karim Sarhane is a general and laparoscopic surgeon who provides treatment for numerous conditions at the Burjeel Royal Hospital in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates). Extensively published in the surgery field, Karim Sarhane, MD, co-authored a paper detailing the management of a rare burn condition, called “Phytophotodermatitis.” The paper discussed a 30-year-old woman who arrived at the ER following two days of painful blistering wounds over the upper surfaces of her hands. The patient’s hands had started peeling a day after she sliced limes for an outdoor party, with no other precipitating events recalled. The diagnosis was one of phytophotodermatitis, or a skin reaction related to the photosensitizing chemicals contained in fruits and saps. When the chemicals are smeared on the skin and exposed to the sun, one result can be acute redness and blistering. This is easy to mistake for atopic dermatitis, chemical burn, or type IV hypersensitivity reaction. Phytophotodermatitis treatments range from the application of a moist dressing (in mild cases) to burn unit admission and local wound care (in severe cases). Emergency treatments include topical application of a corticosteroid and cooling of the affected area. In the case described, a conservative management approach was undertaken, featuring a dry, sterile dressing and bacitracin taken daily, as well as hand exercises to avoid stiffness.

Karim Sarhane, MD

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